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L.Y.G.E.R. is a professional traveler and artist who blogs to share and encourage other artists to pursue their dreams and make them reality. After he left his family’s home at the age of 15, he trained as a professional intelligence officer and assassin for the United States government until a falling out with members of that government and change of heart on his career due to the direction & misconduct of that government. He’s been travelling ever since.

The only survivor of his family, he has pursued careers in military, real estate, law, medicine, and consulting before writing his first book in his own name, which was published early in 2016. Soon after, he decided to pick up a camera too, the better to share his journal and produce works of art to share his travels with anyone who cared to follow his journey.

The artist is unconventional in many ways and has already published several more books, is currently working on a photojournalistic piece on homeless populations after living for several months himself without a home, as well as a couple different science fiction books. He has no nationality or citizenship. No remaining family, no formal ties, and will wander, sharing the beauty he finds along his journey, until he finds a suitable place to call home.

Writing began as a skill he had often used for others or their projects, and became his way of venting and healing deep wounds from several family tragedies and repeated abuse at the hands of the government he once worked to support. Now he writes to fund his travels. He makes a living off of his writing and photography, but more often than not ends up trading various knowledge and skills in exchange for passage or supplies. L.Y.G.E.R. is Christian and has drawn many of the inspirations of some of his tales from this faith and exploring other faiths, has never been married, and between publications travels the globe seeking inspiration for the next (hopefully best-seller) project. Other inspirations include H.R. Giger, H.P. Lovecraft, Brian Lumley, Frank Herbert, Robert Jordan, Raymond Feist, Terry Brooks, and many, many others.

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